Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Rainbow is Black!!

Met the coolest person. Why does she want to talk to me? Can't she see that I'm nobody. Do I even exsist? God, sometimes I really can't tell. I mean, it feels like I'm here.. but it feels like I'm not. Do people see right through me? Uh oh, gotta confirm exsistence. Fading into the grey. Soon there will be nothing left but black. Darkness that overpowers the colors of the rainbow.

...The rainbow. What's on the other side? Why are people always singing about it. What could be there that's so great? Is it because this world is so cold and grey that they fantasize about a brighter one? What if this is the brighter side of the rainbow? Maybe the other side is just black. That's why we see the colors from where we stand.

...Colors. Are they just an illusion? How can the rainbow have so many colors when we live in such a morbid place? Doesn't it realize that no one gives a fuck? Show us all the colors you want, but everyone knows that when you mix them all together, you get black! Try to fool me, stupid rainbow, but I know better!


Johnny Niner aka DrNyarlathotep said...

You get white. Black is the absence of colours.

As far as light is concerned. Especially so with a rainbow.

Muffy said...

shmeh.. you're so technical. =P